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For everyone who is looking or an apartment in Yokohama and Tokyo!
We are specialists in real estate for expatriates.

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Rent Life Shin-Yokohama Branch, Dai-Ni Kaede Blgd. 6F, Shin-Yokohama Kohoku-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa,222-0033 Japan
TEL:045-470-3214 (from Japan)  +81-45-470-3214(from overseas)

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Japan Residents -
Moving to Yokohama or Tokyo

If you are already living in Japan, we can help you find a new apartment or house that will meet most of your needs and be within your budget.
If you have recently arrived in Japan and will be moving out of a short-term unit, Be sure to have items 5 prepared prior to submitting an application for your new apartment.


1. Address in Japan 2. Name seal/stamp (hanko) 3. Bank savings account
4. Cell phone number 5. Emergency person of contact (Japanese citizen)

Overseas Residents - Moving to Japan

Rent Life will assist you with moving into a short-term unit to help you obtain item No. 1, which you can then use to obtain items 2, 3, and 4.
Once you have all of items 1 through 5, you can then start your search for a standard apartment that is closer to your work or school, and will be cheaper in the long run compared to a short-term unit.
Prior to renting a standard, residential apartment with a typical 2-year lease, prospective tenants need to meet the same minimum requirements of a local Japanese tenant:


How to Rent an Apartments

  • Why Rent Life?
    Rent Life will solve the problem of your accommodation search. We guide and show you for free.
  • Procedures and Contract Flow
    when Renting Housing
  • Move-In Procedures
  • Post Move-In Residency Rules
  • Rental Housing Types and How to
    Read the Floor Layouts, etc.

A word from the professional team staff chief of rental properties for foreigners
Robert D. Sorensen

Welcome to Rent Life!
Having lived in Japan for more than 30 years under various situations including the SOFA status, a student visa, a working visa, a spouse visa, and now a permanent resident, I have a special insight into the difficulties and obstacles faced by fellow foreigners who are trying to rent a home in Japan.
Based on my own experiences and using the advanced networking capability of Rent Life, we can offer you the best service in English related to rentaland lease agreements, real estate investments, and residential remodeling services in Japan.

the professional team staff
Genki Yamamoto

I know people who came from another country have anxiety about living in Japan.
We have met many clients who have returned to us for assistance when searching for their next home after we helped them find an apartment through Rent Life.
If you are searching a rental property in Yokohama, please relax and talk with us!

the professional team staff
Akemi Oshiro

Please be aware that the availability of apartments in areas like Yokohama and Tokyo can vary from hour to hour and day to day.
I have many years of experience in working with people from all over the world.
So, stop by and let me help you to find a new home!