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Move In procedures

Introducing the flow to move!

Move-In Procedures

Receiving the key

You will be given the key to the housing after the rental agreement is signed. This key must be returned to the landlord at the end of the contract period, so be careful not to lose it.

When receiving the key, if possible, have the real estate agent accompany you to check the condition of the housing and it is a good idea to create a checklist. Drawing a sample floor layout and marking the damaged or dirty areas and attaching dated photographs are useful in avoiding trouble in the future. Also be sure to check that all furnishings and equipment operate properly.

You must not make copies of keys without permission. You must obtain permission from the landlord first.

Applying for electricity, gas, and water

To apply for electricity, write your name, address, and usage start date on the postcard attached to the breaker and mail it in.

For gas, contact a gas company ahead of time and request that the gas be turned on before the move-in date. You must be present when the gas is turned on.

For water, contact the section in charge of waterworks at your local government office and follow the procedure for having the water turned on.Write your name, address, and usage start date on the provided postcard and mail it in.

Greeting the neighbors

In Japan, it is the custom when one moves into a new location to visit your neighbors and the people living on the floors above and below you to introduce yourself. Give your name and simple self-introduction.

It is convenient to be acquainted with each other.Take care on a daily basis to greet people when you meet them.

Neighborhood association/residents' association

In Japan, there is usually a residents' organization called either the "neighborhood association" (chonaikai) or "residents' association"(jichikai).

The chonaikai or jichikai passes around circulars(a message clipbord with information from the city hall, healthcare center,and other organizations that is circulated in order among the association members), conducts anti-crime activities and disaster preparedness drills, and holds festivals and other events where neighbors can get together.

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