How to rent an apartment

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Procedures and Contract Flow When Renting Housing

Flow When Renting Housing

Find rental housing using Internet real estate information sites.
If you find housing that matches your requirements,contact the realestate agent.

Visit realestate agents in the neighborhood.

Communicate your requirements for rental housing and other information.

Have the realestate agent show you housing that fit your requirements.

Go to look at the rental housing.

If you want to make a contract for the rental housing, fill out the tenant application.

Tenant screening

Screening results

Explanation of important points of contract terms.

Sign the contract and pay the required fees including security deposit, key money, agency fee, damage insurance premium, rent, and maintenance fee.

An original copy of the contract is retained by the leaser and renter.

Recieve the key to the housing and move in.

How to Look for Rental Housing

You can also look for rental housing on Internet real estate sites.

Find rental housing using Internet real estate information sites.

If you cannot acquire the required information from websites or other media, go to local real estate agents and tell them the requirements for the housing you are seeking and have them introduce housing to you. Real estate agents post rental housing information so that it can be viewed from outside their officess.Looking at the postings will give you an idea about the rents in the area you want to live in.

If you are a foreign student, ask at the section in charge of students at your school if the school has student housing information.

Visit a real estate agent

Be sure to clearly state your housing requirements such as the closest train station, amount of rent, size of apartment, furnishings, and appliances.

Things you will be asked by real estate agent

Generally, a real estate agent will ask you about the following.

Your name, occupation, co-occupants(number of people), income, Japanese language capability, if you have a guarantor, personal identification, the reason you are looking for housing, etc.

Viewing the housing

If you find housing that matches your requirements, go and look at it. You can view housing free of charge. If you look at housing and do not like it, you can tell the real estate agent it does not interest you.

Sometimes the housing floor layout in the advertisement will differ from that of the actual housing, so be sure to check things carefully when you view the housing.

In addition to the housing, also check the surrounding area and the available conveniences. Ask about the location of train stations, bus stops, supermarkets, convenience stores, the post office, banks, hospitals, parks, etc.

Applying to rent the housing

If you like the housing, then submit your rental application. The real estate agent and landlord will conduct a tenant screening and if you pass the screening process, a lease (rental) contract will be drawn up and then you can move in.

Generally, a guarantor is required to form a rental agreement. If you do not have a guarantor, you may be able to use a rent liability guarantee service, such as a rent liabillity guarantee company. Ask the real estate agent about this.

Important points explanation

Before signing the rental agreement, have the real estate agent explain the important rental agreement points to you. If there is something you do not understand,then ask questions until you understand it well.

Rental agreement

When you rent housing, you will form a rental agreement. The rental agreement is a document that specifies the promises between the landlord and the renter. Read the terms of the rental agreemet, have them explained to you, and sign the rental agreement means that you understand its terms and promise to observe them.


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